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2D Art

Sororal Sonder

March 2021

A piece to depict the dimensionality of a sister.

Charcoal, 18" x 24"


February 2021

Books are one of the greatest gifts that mankind has created. So much of our modern day findings are based off of knowledge from centuries ago that were written down. Without books we would not be as intellectually advanced as we are. The piece hoped to capture the beauty that such writings have.

Charcoal, 24" x 18"


January - December 2020

A year long project that visualizes 2020 by breaking it down month by month. Who would have thought that it would get so interesting?

Colored pencil and ink, 8" x 12"


July 2022

Watercolour practice that turned into a commission from my father.

Watercolour, 4"x6"


October 2021

A submission for my high school's yearbook cover competition. Theme: ocean.

Digital art, Ibis Paint X

Sk8 the Infinity

Fan Art

August 2021

A piece depicting two of the characters from the show "Sk8 the Infinity," Cherry and Joe. Practice for interactive posing and dynamic lighting.

Digital art, Ibis Paint X


May 2020

Photography practice utilizing midtones in black and white contrast.

Black and white photography


January 2021

The true beauty of the French horn is not in the brass, but the twists and turns of the metal to create the deep, clear tone.

Black and white photography